Netgen IT Solutions Signs MoUs with ITI Shimla & Sunni For Skill Upgradation

Netgen IT Solutions Signs MoUs with ITI Shimla & Sunni For Skill Upgradation

The Industrial Training Institute’s (ITI) of Shimla and Sunni have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Netgen IT Solutions Pvt Ltd., a Shimla based software development company for skill development, technological upgradation and industrial training to bridge the gap training institutes and the industry.

The agreements were signed between the Principals of Shimla & Sunni ITIs and Mr. Rajneesh Rana, MD of Netgen IT Solutions on Tuesday.
The agreement mandates that the institutes would work with the private company to make practical training and education relevant to the changing technological needs, which would enable in doing a review of the curriculum as well as the resource materials.

The two ITIs would also collaborate with the company in undertaking joint projects to provide varied industrial solutions. The agreement also permits exchange of faculty to improve quality of trainings being imparted as well as for creating a better learning environment.
Going workshops and training camps would be held for imparting technical education so as to make students aware of latest skills for better employability.
Guest lectures are also proposed to be held to improve the understanding of new inventions, developing processes, language coding and finding solutions to local requirements.

Netgen IT Solutions has also agreed to train upto 30 students from these institutes in a year and the institute in return would impart classroom training to employees of the company when approached its management. The MoU would be valid for 3 years.
Principal LR Verma of ITI Shimla after signing the MoU said, “both the industry and the institute stand to gain from this agreement as it would enable us to streamline our training curriculum with industrial needs which would improve employability of the trained students.”

Rajneesh Rana MD Netgen IT Solutions said “the partnership would go a long way in meeting the present day requirements of industry as Information Technology is such an innovative and competitive field that keeping pace with newer and evolving technologies is essential.”
Netgen IT Solutions, the software development company for more that 5 years has been serving global , local clients as well as State Government departments and undertakings from its office at Software Technology Parks of India at Kasumpati, Shimla.

Hiring Now! WordPress and PHP Developers jobs in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Netgen IT Solutions is looking for PHP developers to work on development projects using some of the latest frameworks and software design patterns. The responsibilities will include full lifecycle development of web applications for global clients.

– Analyse requirements and propose software solutions to solve problems
– Develop layouts and prototypes to ensure the solution meets requirements
– Write well-structured and testable code following the set guidelines
– Maintain systems by monitoring and correcting software bugs
– Provide operational support for production applications
– Integrate multiple systems from different vendors with seamless data flow
– Investigate new technologies and continue to update your technical skills

– Must be proficient in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery
– MVC frameworks – Zend, Laravel, CodeIgnighter or CakePHP
– Experience with JavScript frameworks like React, AngularJS, BackboneJS will be preferred
– Excellent Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
– Thoroughness and attention to detail
– The ability to work both in a team and alone and to manage your own workload
– An ability to learn new skills and technologies quickly
– An awareness of current issues affecting the industry and its technologies
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Sales Copy is Your Website Salesman

What do you think makes a person exceptionally good at selling something? Is it so because the person has accumulated a lot of product information and he can impress customers with that? Is it because he uses some ‘appealing’ keywords like ‘free’, ‘long-lasting’, ‘inexpensive’ or ‘the best company’ to motivate customers to place an order?

Or is it because he’s just so cool … because of his personality and convivial nature?

Well, friendliness, knowledge about a product and appealing words help. They all do. But, almost every salesman out there is trying to do that and majority of them CAN do all that.  They cram the complete product manual, use sweet, appealing words to please prospective customers and behave like real gentlemen.

But, it is not the key reason to the success of a salesman. A successful salesman can ‘read’ the customer. He understands what a customer is looking for. Trial-and-error, years-of-experience, hard work and passion helped such a person to learn this incredible art. He has understood the technique of identifying customer’s needs.

He knows that wants and needs of a customer may not overlap all the time.

For example, a customer may need a new cell phone to keep in touch with friends and family members. But, the customer may really want a cell phone with internet capabilities, racing games and stunning looks… the customer may really want to get a cell phone that is considered ‘cool’ by friends and neighbors.

Thus, by learning about the thinking pattern and perceptions, a salesman is able to know what a customer really-really wants. Then, a salesman uses his skills to make a sale.

Your sales copy (or web copy) has to do the same. Learn what exactly your website users want and need. Ask a qualified and experienced web content writing professional to develop a persuasive sales copy. Make sure each page on your website, newsletter issues and sales letters is designed to promote, help and sell.

Let your website salesman talk to your customer.

Drive Sales by Publishing Great Content

Publish Great Content - Increase SalesPublishing quality content matters when it comes to sales. For the internet user, who is hungry for information on virtually all subjects, inspiring content is the key to hold him longer and lead to transactions.

Gone are the days when advertising was the driving force behind sales, today consumers seek non-promotional information about products they wish to buy. The caveat is to publish valuable and educative content that drives them to you and benefits you in the following ways:

Helps in building your company brand name

Supplying consumer with pertinent information that stays relevant will ensure they stick with you for a longer time period. Content reflects the stability and capability of your company and helps you maintain your stead with the buyers. Quality content always encourages them to read on, and if you can achieve this, it will ultimately translate into purchases.

Drives sales by encouraging word of mouth

A well formatted content will not only bring more visitors to your website, it will encourage all readers to spread the word and invite their friends and relatives to avail the company’s services. This will bring business in several multiples, thus generating more sales and more profitability.

Good content educates and entices customers

The use of content through various mediums like blogs articles, websites, videos, and e-books can help you provide relevant information about your business and company to prospective clients and customers. Easy to grasp and vivid content give them an unequivocal perspective about you and generate more confidence.

Generating trust and building credibility

Great content will always help business build a credible rapport with prospective clients. Maybe the first touch is not enough, but people who will follow your content over time, will help you build an audience base. Once trust is established, people will be willing to share their personal opinions with you, thereby letting you directly know what they want from your sales team.

Increasing visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is essential to monitor the ways in which people will first visit your website. A simple search shows millions of results and it is the content quality that will determine where your website will be featured. A good mix of keywords and knowledge will fetch you greater visibility on the front page of search engines, thus allowing more frequent visits that will in turn generate you more business and boost sales.

Quality content is thus important for a number of reasons, which directly or indirectly contribute in generating more confidence in business. The livelihood of your business is dependent on content and every time you will publish something new, it will extend your horizons.

Brochure Marketing – Great Way to Open Dialogue With Your Customers

Brochure Marketing - Open Dialogue With Your Prospective CustomrersIn a world where everything is going the electronic way, paper flyers and the humble brochures still remain effective tools of marketing. Having physical possession of a brief note about all necessary information you want, and also having the luxury to review it at your pace, makes them an indispensable tool for promoting business.

Here’s a list of all advantages that your business can extract from the power of using brochures as advertising tools

Effective advertising tool for small businesses

Large corporations with huge advertising budgets can afford expensive television advertising, but small businesses do not have such funds with them. At the time same time, for getting their word across to a larger audience, they need something concrete that leaves a lasting impression on their customers. This is where brochures rescues the small businesses and adds value to their marketing efforts.

Brochures are cost effective

Whether it is a small business enterprise or a larger one, if they are looking for cost effective and captivating means of advertising, brochures are a good option. With the availability of various software programs one can easily create professional looking brochure layouts, without much ado.

Prospective businesses can carry them for free

Many times you will notice receptions of restaurants, hotels, hospitals, airports and offices carrying various brochures. People can take them for free as reference points and at times this becomes the foundation of establishing many professional relations.

Brochures can be persuasive and interest generating

When designed appropriately, brochures can become quiet compelling advertising tools. Companies and organizations can accentuate their strengths through the medium of brochures and manipulate their effectiveness by carefully choosing the audience.

Brochures ply well to boost social media connections

Brochures have the ability to attract customer attention and then divert that traffic to the social media profiles of the companies. Therefore, if companies will publish their social media profiles on flyers, cards, brochures and the like they will enhance the level of connectivity with customers, thus boosting their online efforts as well.

Brochures had never lost their charm and utility in the past and nor are they likely to do so in future. They continue to remain effective in communicating the essence of your businesses and are not extremely expensive unlike other promotional mediums. They reinforce the overall marketing efforts of a company and enjoy an irreplaceable place among advertising tools.

Writing an SEO Copy That Doesn’t Repel Prospective Customers

SEO Writing - Don't offend your readersWords hold tremendous power on how people and search engines react to your website.  A well written SEO copy manages to freely filter through search engines, while at the same time creating an emotional bond with the readers. Lack of key phrases will make traffic trickle past your website, and if the content does not resonate with readers, visits won’t convert into business.

A balance between persuasive writing and use of SEO keywords is the trick that helps you compel prospective customers; the slightest of imbalance may repel them.

Given below are a few tips on how you can create an SEO copy that doesn’t repel prospective consumers. Take a look; it’s worth your time.

First, create content that solves the audience’s problem

Once a visitor shows up on a website, his sole purpose is seeking a solution for his problem. Therefore, whether it is creative writing or engaging writing, everything written has to essentially solve the problem of the readers.

Create original content

Creating an original message, which is equally compelling, is the requisite of powerful writing. The content must punch the reader and give him something he can take back with him. If you are successful in doing so, your SEO copy is indeed well made.

Fit keywords to drive more traffic

Search engine optimization is essential for driving more visitors to your website. Good content will always generate inbound links, which in turn will increase your ranking among similar content. Quality content with easy scannable headlines and sub headings is the best way to generate more traffic. Take help from an SEO expert to learn more about the incorporation of the correct keywords without distorting the essence of your write ups.

Create easy to scan content

Use of easy language with lots of punch is what makes great content. If a simple scan through the content can give the reader what he’s looking for, you have won half the battle of selling your products and services. Headlines play an important role here. They are the first sight catchers and must hold the attention of readers to follow through the remaining content.

Write inspiring content with relevancy

Everyone likes to hear out stories and correlate with them. Giving the audience something inspiring to remember is essential to your reputation among them. What’s more important is that you live up to the promises you make and be relevant to your customers. If they are able to vest their trust in your genuinely, your writing wins.

Whether you want to motivate them or increase online traffic, if you give people a well written and persuasive content, you are directly giving them a reason to associate with you and respond to your company. The key to success is keeping in mind that you are here not to repel, but to compel your customers through SEO copies you create.

Writing Web Copies That Generate Sales

Writing Web Copies That Generate Sales

It is not very difficult to lead a donkey to the river? Is it?

But, how do you get a donkey to drink water at the river?

Same is true about getting thousands of visitors to your website but generating insignificant sales. You must know about the ‘words’ that motivate a visitor to become a customer on your website. So, it is important to prepare the web content according to the target audience. What it the point of writing pompous phrases and fancy lines if you are targeting a sophisticated audience? Wouldn’t this technical jargon repel your prospective customers?

Undress your web content!

Don’t be afraid to undress your web content and see it in proper light. It will only help your sales goals in the long run.

  • Does your web copy persuade customers to read more? Forget about making a sale, customers won’t even reach the call-to-action link/button on your website if sentences in the beginning paragraphs are not ‘customer-centered.’ Remember, your competitors are just a click away.
  • Does your web content writer understand the exact buying habits of your target audience? There are certain ‘features’, ‘benefits’ and ‘things-to-avoid’ that you ALWAYS keep in mind when YOU BUY cameras, phones, beauty products, help books and equipment on the internet. Most web copies fail because website owners hire writers who could not put themselves into the shoes of prospective customers (like you).

 Get organized!

Strategically develop a website that is capable of engaging specific audiences. Here are the most important questions you should contemplate on:

  • Are my prospective customers looking for some information? It is not about drawing search engine traffic here. All you need is a good SEO service provider to make it happen. Converting traffic- into-sales is the goal. Unless your web copy provides information and help that your prospective customers are looking for, you cannot expect them to be interested in buying anything. Your web copy should be the answer to maximum number of ‘common’ doubts and questions that a customer might have. You or a web content writer has to do plenty of research to know about these doubts, questions and concerns of target audiences.
  • Do my prospective customers have affinity for certain keywords and phrases when they buy a product? Several successful web-entrepreneurs understand the importance of appealing keywords and phrases in a web copy. People interested in buying elliptical trainers for example, are sub-consciously looking for words such as ‘cross training’, ‘low impact’, ‘natural motion’ and ‘calorie burn rate.’

Ask for business!

Sprinkle some calls to action throughout the web copy. Majority of your customers are not going to read the entire web copy. As soon as you ‘make a point’ or end a paragraph with a compelling sentence, add a call to action.

Use effective motivators here. Variations can help. For example, you can use ‘Call Now’, ‘Get a free quote’, ‘Ask for your free copy’ and ‘Get more information.’ You do not have to stick to these common call-to-action statements. Be a little creative and you can easily find something specific to the business you are in. A travel business for example, would have ‘Plan my tour’, ‘Ask for a custom itinerary’, ‘Take a virtual tour now’ etc.

There is no harm in pin-pointing mistakes in the theme, sentence structure and choice-of-words in a web copy. Do it for your own good. Improvise.

Why Rely On Domain Specialists For Blog Promotion

Niche Bloggers Can Help Your Business in More Way Than You Can ImaginePublishing a great blog is perhaps the best way to promote your products and services. But, the question remains, what’s the recipe for developing a great blog? If your blog features genuine solutions to people’s problems and they keep coming back for specialized advice, you’ve won them over.

But, as simple as it sounds, the truth is, giving the best advice by yourself is not always possible. You need to bring in domain specialists, whose knowledge and experience will guide your readers and help them overcome problems. They’re always bagged with firsthand experiences and sharing the same through blogs will invite more people, who seek solutions and advice.

Consider this- you’re a logistics company and a truck driver seeks expert advice on various delivery and inventory systems. Could a fellow trucker be the best help? Indeed no! But, surely, a manager from the project handling department, a specialist in his domain, will have some great inputs to share with the truckers.

Also, per say, you are a fresh start up, which has insinuated business promotion through blogs. If you scrutinize the competition you are up against, you will realise that your rivals have already spent years building relationships with customers and if you want a chunk of their customer base, you need to offer people seasoned advice. Again, this is where a domain specialist promptly comes into mind.

And, of course, we all have seen the world go aha over the use of compelling content and use of correct keywords! Therefore, even when we talk about terminology that drives traffic to blogs, we are talking about words and phrases that only a domain specialist can provide. Visually appealing blogs with stimulating taglines is not enough to drag consistent traffic. Quality content that offers pragmatic solutions is relatively more important t for repeat visits and subscriptions.

So, if you want to grow your network through blogs, all your endeavors must be focused on delivering the best and most specialized solutions in all respective domains. Rich advice will simultaneously help you expand your customer relationships and place you on the top of search engine lists in your domain.


We are looking to hire 2 Senior C# / ASP.Net Developer to develop and maintain our client Web based applications.

We are looking to hire 2 Senior C# / ASP.Net Developer to develop and maintain our client Web based applications.

  • 3+ years software development experience
  • Should be a self-learner
  • Extensive programming
  • Experience with NopCommerce
  • Experience with C#, ASP.NET MVC
  • Web development experience
  • HTML (experience with HTML5 specific features
  • JavaScript experience : AngularJS, jQuery
  • Frameworks such as AngularJS, ReactJS, Ember, Backbone, Knockout – Experience with using CSS (experience using LessCSS or SASS a plus)
  • Experience with source control concepts, particularly distributed vs centralized version control and branching and merging
  • Experience using TFS (preferred) or any of (Git, SVN, Mercurial, Bazaar)
  • Nice to haveGithub account w/ code that can be perused
  • Any contribution to an open source project in Github, Sourceforge, BitBucket, Google Code
  • Link to their online portfolio and/or www- Deep understanding of how the web works- Caching (HTTP, reverse proxies, etc)- Load balancing-DevOps experience

Why press release marketing is important?

Press release marketing is a great way of sharing and communicating news with your allies. A well received press release generates trust, and once trust is established, you are likely to get more business from everywhere on and off the web.

There is a thin line between advertising and press release; whereas the former is about sending creative messages to consumers, luring them to buy your products, the later gives information worthy of news.  And, if you have good news about your company and business, all stakeholders must know what’s in store for them.

The following is an account of why press release marketing is important and relevant to your business communicating strategies.

Helps in announcing company news and events

The simplest and most cost effective way of letting people know what’s happening in your company is through the medium of a press release. Events like the launch of a new product, new acquisition, receiving an award, organizing a trade show or exhibition, winning a new contract, etc. are news worthy and can be relegated to a large audience through press release.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing

Frequent viewing of online news sources by web searchers is another reason why capitalizing on press release marketing is becoming important. Google, Yahoo and other news engines gives more credibility to press releases as they have newsworthy content, which a larger number of people seek.

Also, if written correctly, the press release can be posted on multiple websites. If these websites, in turn provide back links to your website, it will yield better results for page ranking and SEO.

Can give a boost to your public relations activity

If your press release is genuinely interesting and presented in the right way, it will be picked up by reporters and journalists from news media. Once they promote it on radio, television broadcasts, and quotes your press release in newspapers and other online platforms, your public relation activity will definitely get a boost.

Helps in promoting branding efforts

If linked correctly, your press release will show up when people search for it. Therefore, you can selectively market the content you want people to have access to when they search for your company online. This can help you build a stronger brand by promoting what’s most relevant to customers.

Inexpensive marketing method

The relative expense you would incur on press release marketing is quiet low when compared to other promotional activities. Of course, if you avail services of professional press release distributors  it will cost you slightly more, but one must keep in mind that it is easy to develop your own press release marketing strategy; you can take advantage of people within the organisation and approach free press release websites.

All businesses, whether small or big, can easily benefit from press release marketing. No matter what industry you are in, if there is news you want to share, the easiest and most cost effective means a press release.