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This is a small effort on our part to help you do better ! It’s our way of saying
“Our society is a better place because of your contributions”

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Who Can Avail This Offer?
  • The offer is open to non-profits/NGOs working in Himachal Pradesh only.
  • NGOs working in the health sector.
  • Charitable/cause-oriented Groups, Trusts.
  • Relief and welfare groups.
  • Non profit organization engaged in community development or education.

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What NetGen IT Solutions Will Do – All at Zero Cost.
  • Free Web-design Services, Free Web Hosting, Free Email addresses and Maintenance.
  • Responsive mobile design.
  • Unique design based on your NGO’s colour scheme.
  • Free setup for social media profiles on Google+, Twitter and Facebook (if required).
  • Integrate your organization’s social media profiles with your website.
  • CMS based sites; anyone with basic computer knowledge can update content from web browsers.

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Are you ready?

Drop an email at hello@beta.netgen.work with email subject = “Website Development request for Our NGO.’
We will get back to you in no time and initiate the process.
Dial Rajneesh Rana at +91-9736433738 and tell us about your NGO.
Submit your NGO for this offer by filling up an online form. (click here to open the Submission Form).
Drop a message via our Facebook page (click here to open our Facebook page).

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